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Child Custody is a complex area of law that requires specialised knowledge. 

As a lawyer handling such matters we can advise you on how to navigate this area with ease.

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When an award of Custody is made to a parent it gives the parent the decision making rights. The parent is able to make decisions regarding the child's educational needs, medical needs and other major life decisions.

Care & Control is typically awarded to a single parent. This parent is awarded the duty of caring for the child's day to day needs. 

The parent who is able to provide the child with a well-balanced life is typically awarded Care & Control of the Child.

Parents who are able to show that they would be able to provide the child with the best possible life with a better support network of family and friends is typically awarded Care & Control.

It is important to note that while income is a factor, it is not the sole determining factor. The Singapore Courts have repeatedly mentioned in past cases that the Child's welfare is the most important aspect that the Court would consider.

No, unless you have good reasons to justify your request.

The Singapore Courts have recognised the important role that parents play in the child's life. As such as far as possible the Court lean towards awarding Joint Custody.

In cases where the spouse is abusive, has a lifestyle that may jeopardise the child's life (frequently involved or is involved in criminal activities) or a substance abuser (poor role model), then the Courts may award Sole Custody to the "better" spouse. 

An Uncontested Divorce typically costs between S$2,000.00 to S$5,000.00 in Singapore. The cost varies due to the complexity in the matter.

Contested Divorce typically costs between S$6,000.00 and upwards in Singapore. It is difficult to give you an estimate of the final costs involved as some matters may be resolved earlier and will cost less. We have handled a few extremely long and acrimonious divorce proceedings in which the costs amounted to about S$40,000.00. 

Do speak to us so that we can give you a more accurate quote for your matter. 

Taking out an application to vary the Custody, Care & Control arrangement (i.e. the Interim Judgement or Final Judgement of a Divorce) is a complex matter. Do speak to us so that we may provide you with an accurate quote.

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