contractual dispute

If there is any dispute over the terms of a contract or if one party fails to perform their duties or obligations this is a contractual dispute.

As a lawyer, we can help ensure that you are not being taken advantage of or on the losing end of the battle. 


If you have entered into an agreement, verbal or written, and if there is a dispute over anyone performance, this is essentially a contractual dispute.

Honestly, it depends on the value of the claim. Legal services are not cheap this is why we ask our clients to negotiate a settlement first before commencing with a lawsuit.

If negotiations fail, then the next course of action is to sue the defaulting party in Court.

Do speak to us today on how we can assist you. Each claim is unique and can potentially be settled in an efficient manner.

You may:

  1. Use negotiations to resolve the matter.
  2. Mediate the matter with a mediator present
  3. You may arbitrate the matter if your contract specifies arbitration or if the matter is private or sensitive.
  4. You may have your matter resolved in Court.

If you have a strong claim, your matter can be resolved quickly. You can expect the following:

  1. To receive any owed monies (if the other party has the finances to make payment)
  2. To seize the assets of the "at-fault-party" for auctioning and to receive the auction proceeds.
  3. To have a Court Order to force the "at-fault-party" to comply with the terms of the contract.

We believe that expensive court proceedings can be avoided if the contract was carefully drafted by someone experienced with such disputes. 

At Lions Chambers LLC, with our experienced, we draft agreements with the sole purpose of avoiding costly disputes. Do speak to us if you need a contract reviewed or drafted. 

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