Debt Recovery

Handling your own debt recovery process can and will make a bad situation worse.

As a lawyer handling such a important situation, we will help you navigate the minefield of debt recovery.


Typically yes, However, whether or not you need a lawyer depends on two factors:

  1. How large is the debt?
  2. How unhappy you are with the debtor.

If the debt is fairly large (>S$5,000) or if your contract has a clause that states that the debtor is liable to pay any costs incurred in the recovery of the debt, then it is worth pursuing the debt.

We are not going to lie, hiring lawyers cost money, if the amount of money owed to you is low, your legal fees may be higher than the debt and in that case, it may not be worth your while to engage a lawyer. 

Nevertheless, do speak to us regarding your matter. We may be able to assist you. 

Yes, a Letter of Demand is the first step you take when you wish to recover your money through lawyers. It is also the most cost-effective method of recovering the debt. 

As a cost-effective solution, we have assisted many clients to settle their disputes merely by sending their debtor a Letter of Demand. 

Do speak to us today on how we can assist you. Each debt recovery matter is unique and can potentially be settled in an efficient manner.

Each letter sent is crafted with the intention of getting a response from your debtor. This may allow us to negotiate with the debtor and persuade them into repaying you the monies owed. 

Typically, we will send your debtor a "chaser" letter with a shorter deadline for them to respond. If they still choose to ignore you then we will advise you on the best course moving forward. 

A Debt collector typically uses the "name & shame" method which involves sending intimidating people to the debtor's home while carrying signs that state "debt recovery in progress". Debt collectors typically also charge you a certain fee upfront and a certain percentage of the debt that they collect. 

A well-worded letter by a lawyer to these debt collectors will stop them dead in their tracks, this is something we've done for some of our clients who were the debtors. There is also the risk that the debtor defaults on repayments or finds a way to "dodge" these debt collectors.

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