Don’t let your reputation get tarnished by lies. A ruined reputation may affect your future and your business.


Defamation happens when someone tells others, either verbally or through publications (Facebook, Articles, WhatsApp, etc) aspects about you that are false. These lies would then cause these people to view you in a lower standard.

Defamation is a Crime under section 499 of the Criminal Code in Singapore.

There are three (3) elements that have to be satisfied in order to prove Defamation:

  1. The person's statements must make another lower how they think about you and that it would cause others to avoid, shun or hated or made fun of by others.
  2. The person's statements must refer to you and that you would be easily identified by this person's statement.
  3. The person's statements must have been published (i.e. posted on a website or on social media or online or printed OR communicated to others).

If any of these elements cannot be proved, then your claim against the person for Defamation would not likely succeed. 

Yes, businesses can be defamed. The repercussion is immense. We have personally seen our client's business ruined by false rumours and reviews. It is best to resolve these matters before they spread.

If someone has defamed you, you will be able to claim damages against them. You may be awarded damages by a Judge and the amount varies based on the following factors:

  • Was the statement made serious?
  • How did the statement affect you/ your business?
  • How many others have heard or read these statements?

Do speak to us today to seek an estimate on the damages that you may be able to claim.

The first step is to send this person a Letter of Demand. The letter will include a demand to remove the offending review and an apology for making a false review. 

If the person refuses to comply then you would need to commence a lawsuit against the person by preparing a Writ of Summons & a Statement of Claim to commence the lawsuit.

Please take note that in Singapore, your Letter of Demand for Defamation MUST be in a particular format as specified by the Singapore Courts. Failing to follow this would lead to your case being delayed or even dismissed. Having your claim delayed or dismissed is an expensive mistake. 


Yes. Even though what the person said may be true or if their statement is supported by facts that have led them to that particular opinion, you may still enter into negotiations with them to have them retract their statement or publication. 

Damage Recovery is an important aspect that we will be able to assist you with. It's best to approach this option tactfully and with someone experienced assisting or guiding you.

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