divorce maintenance

You may be paying too much or not receiving enough maintenance for yourself or your child. Maintenance payment is entirely dependant on the facts of your case.

As a lawyer handling such matters we can advise you on how to navigate this area with ease.

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No, you need to be specific about who gets how much. Whether $X goes to your child or $Y goes to your spouse.

A detailed breakdown of the child/spouses' needs should be obtained before an offer of maintenance is made.

As lawyers who have handled many of such cases before, we will be able to advise you on whether the breakdown is reasonable or inflated and what would be a reasonable proposal.

If your spouse is earning almost the same as you, you should not be paying maintenance. At best the Interim Judgement should only award S$1 as maintenance. 

You are however required to maintain your child till he/she reaches 21 years old or till he/she completes her tertiary education (i.e. Diploma Course or University)

If :

  • You have lost your Job;
  • Substantial Salary reduction
  • Substantial Change in circumstance (i.e Re-marriage, medical condition, care for aged parents, debts)

Then you may be able to take out an application in Court to reduce your maintenance obligations.

We strongly advise against doing so. 

Under section 71 of the Women’s Charter you as the defaulting spouse may be fined or sentenced to jail by the Singapore Family Courts.

Access (Visitation Rights) are a separate issue from maintenance.

At all times as the parent to the child, you are required by law to maintain the child. 

You should take out an application to either vary or enforce your Access Rights.

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