Having your own customised Investment Agreement is a step in the right direction. Having the relevant clauses drafted so as to protect your investment is a wise move. 


An Investment Agreement is a contract between an investor and a company or anyone else handling the investor's monies and/or assets. 

It mainly deals with the following:

  • How the investment is used.
  • When and how any returns are paid to the investor.
  • To what extent can the parties utilise the investment and for what purpose.
  • What happens in the event of a dispute.
  • What is each of the parties rights and obligations are?


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Yes, we can. Negotiating investors is a subtle art. Essentially, it is about understanding where each party is coming from and what they are trying to achieve.. 

At Lions Chambers LLC, we specialise in negotiations so that we can obtain an outcome that is favourable to you. Do speak to us so that we can help you evaluate your case and advise you.

No, please don't. We've handled far too many disputes due to this. 

Template agreements may not be drafted in accordance with Singapore Law, as such some of the terms may not apply.

Further, these templates may miss out on critical information or essential clauses that could help you avoid disputes. 

No. Entering into a verbal agreement even with witnesses is a very dangerous situation.

In the event of a dispute, proving what was promised or discussed will be extremely difficult.

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