tenancy disputes

Handling your own tenancy disputes can and will make a bad situation worse.

As a lawyer handling a tricky situation, we will help you navigate the minefield of negotiations and tenancy legal proceedings.


Most tenancy agreements would state what your immediate remedies are. If one of your remedies is "Peaceful Re-entry", we will be able to assist you in recovering your property.

Our solution costs far less than Court proceedings (Writ of Possession) and concludes much faster (typically within four (4) weeks. 

If your tenant damages the premises, you need to ascertain if the damage is caused by fair wear and tear. If it's caused by fair wear and tear, then you would not be able to claim compensation for the damage against your tenant.

If the damage is not fair wear and tear, then you would need to have a contractor give you quotations for the repairs and deduct the cost of the repairs from the tenant's security deposit.

If your tenant is difficult to manage due to the following reasons:

  • Failing to pay rent promptly;
  • Illegal activities; 
  • Breach of the building's rules & regulations.

You may be able to evict the tenant. However, before evicting your tenant, it is best to contact us for advice as you may be liable for damages if you evict your tenant without just cause. 

Typically, if the harassment is unreasonable, you can send your landlord a cease & desist letter which will warn them of the consequences if they continue to harass you. 

We have assisted clients in drafting customised tenancy agreements which prevent this as far as possible.  Do speak to us, our consultation is free.

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