Receiving a Writ of Summons means someone is suing you or your company. This is a serious matter that should not be ignored.

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Once you have received a Writ of Summons, you have eight (8) days to file a Memorandum of Appearance. The Memorandum of Appearance is a document that informs the Singapore Courts that you wish to defend this claim.


Yes. Failing to file a Memorandum of Appearance means that you agree to ALL of the Plaintiff's claim entirely. 

Even if you know that you do not have a valid defence for this claim, you should at the very least use this opportunity to negotiate the matter or to obtain a favourable settlement term.

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Failing to file a Memorandum of Appearance means that the Plaintiff can obtain Default Judgement against you.

Once the Plaintiff has Judgement against you, the Plaintiff may take out enforcement proceedings such as

  • Forcing you to attend Court Proceedings to find out where your assets are held. If you fail to attend these proceedings a Warrant of Arrest can be issued by the Singapore Courts.
  • Making you Bankrupt.
  • Getting a Court Appointed Baileef to seize your property & possession for auction.
  • Getting a Court Order to force your bank to transfer monies in your bank account to them.

Yes, this is the LAST chance you have to negotiate the matter. We will be able to assist you to negotiate favourable terms of settlement.

Yes, subsequently you have a further fourteen (14) days to file a Defence to explain your situation to the Singapore Courts.

A Defence MUST be drafted by someone who understands the law as it needs various particulars of the circumstance explained legally. Its best to engage a lawyer to draft the Defence as there may be certain facts that you may rely upon that would be favourable to your case. 

Failing to particularise your Defence would mean that your Defence might fail or if you need to make amendments to it further down the road, the cost involves would be significantly higher.

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